10 Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Websites

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Today's post heads in a technical vs. marketing direction. Does SEO matter to Real Estate Agent websites? You bet it does! Most of the articles I've featured address the marketing side of the website, today the focus is on the technical side. Here's the deal, if your website doesn't meet the technical requirements, your site

The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Real Estate Agents

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Today I'm going to share with you the most comprehensive article I've ever found about real estate website SEO. It wouldn't make sense for me to try to tell you why you need SEO for your website because the article does that very well. One warning, don't try to consume this article all in one

5 Amazing Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Real Estate Business

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Did you know that according to Recode, people spend an average of 53 minutes a day on Instagram? If you’re not using Instagram now, this is a big indicator that you need to - engaging with potential leads during the hour that they’re browsing not only puts you at the top of their mind but

How to Create a Facebook Page forReal Estate Marketing & Farming

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I can't tell you how often I'm asked for help with an agent's social marketing strategy. Since my advice is the same 98.6% of the time, I thought I'd share it here and then point to this post when the question arises. For those of you who believe you can offer your services at a

5 Tactics That Get Prospectsto Trust Your Real Estate Website

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Nothing builds trust better than reviews and testimonials. So how do you make that happen? Ask. The absolute best time to ask a client for a testimonial is right after you've done something for them. Visit them at their new home shortly after they've bought or sold. Then ask if you can publish that testimonial

Real Estate Farming: How to Choose & Dominate a Farm Area

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As a real estate agent, I'm pretty sure you're aware of farming, but I'm astonished at the number of agents I encounter that do not follow the practice. Let me try to make a comparison. In the multi-family housing market, your property competes against nearby properties. For example, if I search for "apartments in Pittsburgh,"

Location, Location, Location: Why You Need SEO to Take Your Real Estate Website to the Top

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SEO Search Engine Optimization Business Marketing Concept 50% of home buyers find their new homes on the internet. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can appear in front of these buyers while they're searching online.  Otherwise, you're unintentionally missing out on half of your potential clients. That's only one of the reasons why you need SEO! Local SEO

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