Automation has made a wonderful difference in our lives in so many ways. My GPS is probably my favorite toy ever. I used to love following maps but not any more I go out of my way to test my GPS … I wonder what will happen if I turn here?

But are there things we really need to do by ourselves? Things that require a personal touch? When it comes to marketing I think the answer is yes. If your marketing doesn’t show a prospect in some way that you really have their best interest at heart then you’re liable to give the impression that it’s about you, not them.

Anna Johansson has written an article titled “When it Comes to Marketing, Automation Can be Bad News” where she outlines 4 marketing tasks that are best approached manually. It makes sense to me.

 Automation has infiltrated almost every area of business, but be wary of incorporating it too heavily into your content marketing efforts. Some tasks and processes need a little more hands-on attention.

Automation has brought some of the greatest advances to the business world over the last century. In many industries and applications, it’s played a catalytic role in lowering costs, improving accuracy, and maximizing efficiency on the input side of things.

You can’t stray too far from your brand’s marketing efforts and expect to retain any consistency or integrity. While automation and outsourcing have a role, they should be used sparingly. Being hands-on in this area of your business will yield dividends for years to come. read more at econtentmag.com

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