Were you working in Real Estate when you had to collect buyer insights manually? It doesn’t really seem that long ago, but times have changed considerably. Because most shopping for Real Estate is done online, much of the data is available online as well.

Do you remember the Willie Sutton quote “I rob banks because that’s where the money is”? Similarly, it is wise to use digital marketing in your Real Estate business because that’s where your prospects and properties are.

BizReport offers an article titled “Why Your Real Estate Business is Lost Without A Digital Marketing Strategy” that suggests a complete digital marketing strategy that is worth your review.

digital-marketing-strategyData collected through traditional means provides information on demographics, lifestyle, and interests, but it’s not always enough. Since accurate data leads to better decisions, marketers in the real estate industry are always on the hunt for better insights.

Years ago, insights were collected manually, and each organization had to collect their own data to create buyer profiles. Sometimes, someone else’s data could be obtained for a fee. Today, those same insights are collected and stored digitally, and buyer profiles are available online. Collecting data digitally allows for more intricate data to be collected, providing a more intimate understanding of the customer.

Manual marketing methods are still valid, but digital marketing is faster, reaches more people, and generates an immediate response. If you’re in real estate, you know the early bird gets the worm. If you haven’t adopted a digital marketing strategy to get that worm, you’re already behind. read more at bizreport.com

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