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Making Internet Marketing Work for You

Search Engine Optimization – If you’re not on the first three pages of the search engine results pages, you don’t exist. The Website Marketing Pro works with you to ensure that you’re getting maximum visibility in the search results.

Search Engine Marketing – A low cost Pay per Click campaign can generate highly targeted traffic and provide valuable intelligence as to how you’re being found in the search engines. The Website Marketing Pro is highly skilled at managing these campaigns.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become the new search engines of choice for many people. If you’re not there, millions of potential customers won’t find you. The Website Marketing Pro can help you optimize your business pages for these.

Convert Traffic – You can have all the traffic in the world but if it’s not converting to business you’re just throwing money away.

A/B Testing – By comparing the performance of one page against another, you are able to improve your conversion rate for each page on your website continuously.

Analytics Goals – Often it is a good idea to track the conversion rates of individual elements on each page. Setting up goals for each of these elements on a page can make a significant difference in the success of your website.

Heat Maps – What do your website visitors do when they visit each page on your site. By using a heat map you’re able to see where the visitor are clicking the most and spending the most attention on your webpage’s.

Monitor Traffic – Who is coming to your website? How did they get there? What do they do once they get there? What are they saying about their experience with you?

Google Analytics – There are several key performance indicators on your website that should be monitored on an ongoing basis.

Webmaster Tools – paying attention to the technical aspects of each page on your website is an important task. You should keep on top of any error messages being returned, any malware that’s infected your site, how many impressions and clicks are each of your pages receiving for what keywords?

Demographics – Who’s visiting your website? By knowing this information you are able to better target your advertising message both on your website and off.

Reputation Monitoring – What’s being said about you on the internet? Few people make a buying decision today without vetting companies on the web. You need to keep continuous attention focused on  your online reputation.

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